Project: Artist Studio, Venice, California
Sculptor Robert Graham and Angelica Huston.
Area: 3 stories with 2 mezzanines at 9,733 s.f. located in the heart of Venice Beach.
Design: The basic design criteria was initiated by Robert Graham and developed by his son, Steven Graham. The warehouse form is conceived to complement their sculptural residence next door. The form is functionally generated from the use of the modular structural system Miracle Truss by Miracle Steel. We used 3d models to develop the design’s form and specifics.

Approach: Utilizing vrml models which I posted on the internet, the client was able to interactively partake in the design process. I modeled the structural system first to serve as the frame for the rest of the design investigations. This medium was used for everything from exterior design studies to structural mock-ups and composites of the 3d model within the environment used for city and community approvals.

Innovation: The 3d model was our primary design tool. We used rendered plans to get through preliminary plan checks. We then cut sections of this model as the base for the entire set of construction documents that we produced. This project exhibits many pragmatic approaches to sustainable design and exemplifies the flexibility of the digital design process.


Images from top: diagramatic aerials, study views, composite with site, documentation, and construction photos.