Project : Xian Cultural Center; Baoji, China
The City of Baoji, Jeff Mayer and Forma.

Design Approach:
Responding to the amazing topography and reacting to the local spirits of dragon and duality, our design was conceived during a short and intense on-site charrette.
The undulating spines of architecture and circulation in this central valley are flanked by residential and entertainment components (not shown) that reside in adjacent portions of the landscape.

The gondola that starts from the lower icon tower and terminates at the hotel tower let's you experience the mountain in breathtaking luxury. The raised undulating path provides a relaxing journey with easy access to the museum and other cultural and commercial venues, while taking the trails on the ground brings you closer to the natural surroundings.

Images from top to bottom: Design model aerials showing the organic museum complex; views further up the mountain showing the boutique hotel and theater; lower views showing the museum and its play with the topography; final aerial rendering below by Archsync.