Principal Biography:

Architect and artist Albert Vass founded Studio Vass Inc located in Los Angeles, California as a full service creative organization.  Throughout his career, Albert has been an integral part of many influential projects across the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Informed by the interrelationships among disciplines, Albert combines art and technology to design and enhance large profile international projects to smaller scale residential ones. Designing in perspective allows him the flexibility to work in all scales simultaneously to originate and refine key design ideas–from concepts to details.

His notable contributions to the built environment include the undulating glass roof crowning the central plaza of Zlote Tarasy in Warsaw, where he used cloth simulators created for the game industry to design the sensuous glass roof structure.  His explorations of an interactive media orb forms the centerpiece of the technologically integrated commercial center of Cyberport, Hong Kong’s high-tech community.  The egg-like canyon shapes forming Caretta Shiodome, Dentsu’s new headquarters in Tokyo, were created by experimental subtractive operations.  The award-winning porte cochere for the Morongo Casino, Resort and Spa was designed with sacred geometries in mind using a rotated torus.

Throughout his career, he has taught designers his techniques of 3d design that serve to break vocational boundaries within the architectural profession.  While at the Jerde Partnership, he introduced and integrated 3d printing technologies to the firm in 2005. Using these inventive design, visualization and documentation techniques, Studio Vass helped design and realize Robert Graham’s and Angelica Houston’s artist studio in Venice, CA.

In 2006 he left his fulfilling 10 year tenure at Jerde to start Studio Vass Inc in order to better focus the synergy between his architectural and artistic expression.  During this time he continues to develop ground breaking designs for projects and features inspired by both virtual and visceral creative investigations.