2016 Calendar Folly #17
Inside this laboratory of the mind we create devices to shape the world and help us understand who we are. The deck in front of you on the red pedestal explores color and is derived from a painted mental landscape. The device on the green pedestal behind explores time in section. They are models of our consciousness, which is like a record player gliding needles on the manifolds of the Cosmos while producing records at the same time. In this context, space is what prevents everything from being in the same place. Time is what keeps everything from happening at once. Language is what prevents everything from meaning the same thing. Color is what keeps everything from looking the same.
The short 360 video experience is best seen on a VR viewer like Gear VR or Google Cardboard with a Wi-Fi connection to stream but it can also be viewed interactively on a desktop or device by manually looking around.
Gear VR immersive stream: Vision Machine Samsung VR Link
Cardboard immersive stream: Vision Machine YouTube Link
If you want a video file to upload directly instead or have other questions please email us here.
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